Perspective is everything.

Every decision you make has an opportunity cost; learning what NOT to do is often as important as learning what works. With a broad view of your market and a focused view of your company, Telescope enables you to make the hard decisions with better data — leading to optimal growth and ultimate outcomes.

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The pace at every company is different, with ebbs and flows at every stage of building it. Answering the tough questions can save headaches down the line.
  • What is too fast or too slow given my market and company today?
  • Where is the friction today? Where will the friction evolve?
  • Who am I competing with? Who will I compete with?


Winning organizations have high-performance cultures that engage and inspire their employees. Finding and keeping the right team is imperative to future success.
  • How do I find & hire “great” talent?
  • What does great look like?
  • Who will fail first?


With possibilities come distractions. Honing in on your business model, your go-to-market strategy, and even the right employees are crucial in optimizing the long-term outcome for your company.
  • How do I stop firefighting?
  • What metrics should I be focused on?
  • How do I set goals? What should they be?