Perspective is everything.

Every decision you make has an opportunity cost; learning what NOT to do is often as important as learning what works. With a broad view of your market and a focused view of your company, Telescope enables you to make the hard decisions with better data — leading to optimal growth and ultimate outcomes.



The pace at every company is different, with ebbs and flows at every stage of building it. Answering the tough questions can save headaches down the line.

  • What is too fast or too slow given my market and company today?
  • Where is the friction today? Where will the friction evolve?
  • Who am I competing with? Who will I compete with?



Winning organizations have high-performance cultures that engage and inspire their employees. Finding and keeping the right team is imperative to future success.

  • How do I find & hire “great” talent?
  • What does great look like?
  • Who will fail first?



With possibilities come distractions. Honing in on your business model, your go-to-market strategy, and even the right employees are crucial in optimizing the long-term outcome for your company.

  • How do I stop firefighting?
  • What metrics should I be focused on?
  • How do I set goals? What should they be?

Measured is an independent media outcome measurement platform that provides reliable ongoing insights into online and offline media incrementality.


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MedTrainer offers a learning and compliance solution for healthcare providers of all sizes. 


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