We invest in bold, driven entrepreneurs who are not afraid to disrupt the establishment or define a new path.

We invest in B2B software companies that are beyond the idea stage. Our entrepreneurs have built killer products, have established a market foothold that is rapidly expanding, and are ready to scale thoughtfully.

Brandfolder is a powerfully simple Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for storing, sharing, and showcasing digital assets. Organizations like Slack, OpenTable, Lyft, and Under Armour rely on Brandfolder to deliver consistent and compelling brand experiences.

Location: Denver, CO
President: Steve Baker
Year Partnered: 2017
Acquired by: Smartsheet (2020)

Topbox’s conversation analytics platform aggregates customer interactions from every communication channel for deep CX and VoC analysis. This intelligence powers a transformative, customer-centric approach to product management, sales and marketing, and support services. TopBox makes this feedback consumable for enterprises such as, Western Union, Aetna, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Location: Portland, OR
Founders: Chris Tranquill, Jeff Yentis & Brian Timmons
Year Partnered: 2018
Acquired by: Khoros (2020)
Steve Gallion

MedTrainer offers a learning and compliance solution for healthcare providers of all sizes. The platform’s breadth of offering addresses all major learning and compliance needs, while its usability and managed service offering provides even the smallest healthcare organizations the ability to efficiently maintain compliance.

Location: Redlands, CA
Founders: Steve Gallion & Jorge Fernandez
Year Partnered: 2019
Steve Gallion

Hotel Engine offers a platform for hotel booking and corporate travel management. The company provides businesses and government agencies access to discounted rates at over 200,000 hotels worldwide along with a suite of expense and management solutions.

Location: Denver, CO
Founder: Elia Wallen
Year Partnered: 2019

Fundraise Up is an AI-assisted fundraising solution for nonprofits. Organizations like UNICEF USA, International Community Foundation, Neverthirst and hundreds more rely on Fundraise Up to power a better donor experience and drive more good in the world.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founders: Yuriy Smirnov, Anton Isaykin & Peter Byrnes
Year Partnered: 2021

Domuso is driving digital transformation for the $500 billion apartment rental industry with an advanced platform to manage payments and communication throughout the entire resident lifecycle. Domuso captures 100% of a property’s receivables electronically while giving residents the flexibility to access multiple payment methods from any mobile device.

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Founders: Damian Langere & Michael Lightfoot
Year Partnered: 2020

Bravely is a new kind of employee benefit in support of workplace health. Using their platform, people can easily connect with a professional coach for a confidential conversation about their performance, growth, relationships, or company culture. As the result, they feel comfortable and confident approaching things they may have been avoiding, andare happier, more productive, and more likely to stay in their role.

Location: Manhattan, NY
Founders: Toby Hervey & Sarah Sheehan
Year Partnered: 2021
Measured is an independent media outcome measurement platform that provides reliable ongoing insights into online and offline media incrementality. Since 2017, more than 100 DTC brands have trusted Measured to connect advertising spend to business results and answer the toughest marketing questions being asked by executives and stakeholders.
Location: Austin, TX
Founders: Trevor Testwuide & Madan Bharadwaj
Year Partnered: 2022
Cascade is the world’s #1 strategy execution platform helping thousands of organizations make their visions happen, through building their business and departmental plans, right through to tracking and execution of initiatives, team performance and more.
Location: Sydney, Australia
Founder: Tom Wright
Year Partnered: 2022

Past Investments

Acquired: VMWare

The CB Predictive Security Cloud analyzes attackers’ behavior patterns to detect and stop never-before-seen attacks. Leveraging the power of the cloud, it analyzes more than 500B events per day across millions of global endpoints, helping you stay ahead of emerging attacks.

Acquired: Merck

eCardio Diagnostics provides remote cardiac monitoring products and services that improve the flexibility and speed of arrhythmia diagnosis.

Acquired: Carlyle Group

HireVue's online video interviewing software and pre-employment assessments platform uses AI and validated IO psychology to get you the best talent, faster.

Acquired: Dun & Bradstreet

Lattice delivers predictive marketing and sales cloud applications to business-to-business companies.

Acquired: Waystar

Waystar (fka Zirmed) provides integrated cloud-based healthcare revenue cycle management solutions for providers across the healthcare continuum.